Too tired of casinos? Native Americans are opening the nation’s 1st Cannabis Resort!

Sadly, tribes that want to set up operations like this will be forced to adhere to strict guidelines or risk their entire businesses, or even face fines or imprisonment. Under the guidelines set by the government, the cannabiswill not be allowed to leave the reservation and it can only be sold in one gram packages, one at a time. If someone wants another gram, they will have to return the bar code from their first gram in order to get a new one.

The tribe is facing considerable risks with this venture, considering other tribes with similar plans were recently raided because federalagents said they are not allowed to actually make an income with marijuana. Police in South Dakota have also been fairly harsh on previous attempted grow operations in the state.

Cannabishas proven to be one of the safest drugs available, less harmful than alcohol or anything you will find in a pharmacy. This plant has been called a miracle drug by many and is quickly growing in popularity for its medicinalproperties. Yet, despite the growing evidence of the incredible advantages and benign nature of cannabis, there are powerful business and political interests that are very intent on keeping this drug illegal.

Cannabiscan cure cancer, heal countless other physical ailments, reduce our dependence on oil-based products and prescription pharmaceuticals. All research shows this plant is not only harmless, but can be extremely beneficial to our environment and our society. Hemp was even used to clean up radiation after the Chernobyl disaster in 1986.

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