Police Killing of Unarmed Native American Continues To Receive Little Media Attention

“The hold up on progressing has been due to lack of money to fund the oh so dreaded legal process,” they explain. “We need your help. Please help us on our way to get this case back up and ready. It’s time to take on the unwilling non-cooperative Millard County Sheriffs Department.”

Corey was shot by a Millard County sheriff’s deputy after he was wrongly suspected of car theft.

Sheriff’s spokeswoman Lindsay Mitchell explained that a 911 call was made about the theft of a car from the Kanosh Paiute Indian Reservation. But Corey had nothing to do with that.

Police claim that Corey tried to fight off the deputy who attempted to handcuff him for crimes that he never committed. This raises the question of when self-defense is acceptable against police who attack us without probable cause. Was Corey justified in trying to defend himself? Do you believe the official story?

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