Outrage: Pipeline Police Strip-Searched Native Girl, Threw Her Naked Into Cell

Georgianne Nienaber of the Huffington Post knows where to point the finger for these outrageous crimes.

Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier is the official who sets the tone for police actions in Morton County North Dakota. He alone determines how prisoners are treated. He holds the authority to enforce humane treatment or encourage cruelty designed to instill fear, humiliation, embarrassment and shame. And shame is the ultimate weapon—utilized by the narcissist in a pitiful attempt to gain control and break the spirit of his victims.

This kind of systematic violence is the way the U.S. government has always treated the native inhabitants of the American continent. Very little mainstream news coverage is documenting these crimes, instinctively taking the side of the corporation plotting to desecrate the sacred grounds of the Standing Rock Sioux in order to make a quick buck off of climate-warming and water-poisoning fossil fuels. We cannot allow the police state to squash the will of the people./Source

Listen to LaDonna Brave Bull Allard tell her story here:

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