Outrage: Pipeline Police Strip-Searched Native Girl, Threw Her Naked Into Cell

As the protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline continue to escalate, the crackdown from law enforcement has grown harsher and harsher. Hundreds have been arrested by Morton County police, many of them without charge, and have had their civil rights violated by shockingly cruel police officers, who are sexually humiliating their prisoners by strip-searching them and leaving them naked in their cells.

When getting booked at the jail, they were all strip searched, forced to “squat and cough” to demonstrate they had nothing hidden in their rectums, then were put in orange jumpsuits. The treatment was the same for Chairman of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Dave Archambault, to a pediatrician from the reservation, Dr. Sara Jumping Eagle, to actress Shailene Woodley, star of the films “Divergent” and “Snowden,” among others.

The use of a strip search for those arrested on trumped-up charges like “trespassing” and “rioting” is a clear intimidation tactic that shows the the United States government still sees Native Americans as savages to be abused.

LaDonna Brave Bull Allard told The Young Turks how her daughter was arrested, stripped of her clothes by three male and one female officer, and then left naked in a cell overnight. “They’re targeting our families” she said. Human rights abuses have been widely committed by police and security forces as they try to discourage the protesters.

Rebecca Kemble, Alderwoman from Madison, Wisconsin, recounts how arrested protesters are beaten and thrown into pieces of the very pipeline they are protesting. “I saw the Marathon County deputy push her down the hill and slam her body and head into the transport van after this.”

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