Oglala Sioux Tribe confirms shooting death of 13-year-old girl

Bob Perry, at the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Rapid City Office confirmed that the FBI is leading the investigation, but declined further comment.

Julie Richards, founder of the Pine Ridge Reservation based group Mothers Against METH Alliance (MAMA), wrote on Facebook on Wednesday, “One of my girls was shot this morning and killed by a grown man, our household will never be the same.”

Richards says her group is repurposing and dedicating a previously planned march against meth on Saturday in Pine Ridge Village to honor the slain youth. The rally is scheduled for 10 a.m.



3 thoughts on “Oglala Sioux Tribe confirms shooting death of 13-year-old girl”

  1. It is easy to say “No one cares”. All simple statements, do not address how complex it is to educate people. People do not care if they do not hear about the atrocities that are still being carried on against Native Americans. I do not truly approve of that term, however it is the term used.
    People will care more as they hear and see the crimes of the past and the current crimes being committed against Indigenous People. The People need to raise their voice, share their concerns. As an old white lady, I am happy to share these stories with others. I commend you all for using the current methods of education.
    Remember, you are American citizens. Educate yourselves to make good choices for all offices and changes in how policy is carried out. The closer government is to you, the more important it is to know who the people are that can help make change.

    Love and blessings to all

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