Navajo Water Supply is More Horrific Than Flint, But No One Cares Because They’re Native American

The news out of Flint, Michigan brought the issue of contaminated drinking water into sharp focus, as it was revealed that officials at every level—local, state and federal—knew about lead-poisoned water for months but did nothing to address the problem.

Under state-run systems like utilities and roads, poorer communities are the last to receive attention from government plagued by inefficiencies and corrupt politicians. Perhaps no group knows this better than Native Americans, who have been victimized by government for centuries.

In the western U.S., water contamination has been a way of life for many tribes. The advocacy group Clean Up The Mines! describes the situation in Navajo country, which is far worse than in Flint, Michigan.

Since the 1950s, their water has been poisoned by uranium mining to fuel the nuclear industry and the making of atomic bombs for the U.S. military. Coal mining and coal-fired power plants have added to the mix. The latest assault on Navajo water was carried out by the massive toxic spills into the Animas and San Juan rivers when the EPA recklessly attempted to address the abandoned Gold King mine.

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3 thoughts on “Navajo Water Supply is More Horrific Than Flint, But No One Cares Because They’re Native American”

  1. This took place in our neighborhood. Tucson, AZ close to a company that would take daily water and dumping it on our grounds where there would be no homes, but still added up and got into the wells water. But because we were the lower income area it was ignored for years until it had to go to court.

  2. What the hell is wrong with these money hungry fools in DC!!! This is inexcusable! Depopulate the Americans! Can you not contact someone that can investigate and take the water to Washington and see if they risk drinking this crap! Sorry for the language.

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