Documentary Filmmaker Faces Up to 45 Years in Prison for Covering Pipeline Protest

“Now here is the really bad news and this is why we need you to act right now. This afternoon she was escorted to the courthouse where she was charged with 3 Class A and C felony charges that carry 45 years maximum sentences combines. She has been charged with 2 Class A Felony Charges and 1 Class C Felony Charge; Conspiracy to theft of property, Conspiracy to theft of services, Conspiracy to tampering with or damaging a public service.”

Fox has also set up a petition for Schlosberg’s release on his film website

While the activists who attempted to commit crimes are facing justice (regardless of the morality of their cause), charging the journalist with the same crime is insanity.

For simply covering reality, Schlosberg faces a maximum 45 years in prison. While we hope that the judge is reasonable enough to clear the woman of all charges, the fact that a journalist could face conspiracy charges and 45 years in prison is a daunting invasion on the freedom of speech.

It is disturbing to know that journalists are being arrested for merely being present and covering important issues like these protests. Schlosberg should be freed immediately and cleared of all charges. / Source

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