BREAKING: Cops Mass Arrest and Brutally Pepper Spray 83 Native Americans Who Were Praying For An End To The ILLEGAL Dakota Access Pipeline

The Morton County Sheriff’s department is engaging in strip searches and false imprisonment of Native American men and women, who are jailed without credible charges.

The owner of the land where the Camp of the Sacred Stones Camp is located, said her daughter was arrested without cause, while traveling in a car away from the area, strip searched and jailed naked.

Dakotas, Lakotas and Nakotas here say this abuse is recreating the historical trauma, a result of their ancestors who were murdered and subjected to sexual violence by the Calvary and U.S. military.

We cannot let this illegal activity continue! We have to stand against the illegal actions of the corrupt militarized cops that are working for the pipeline company instead of the citizens!/SOURCE

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