Police Call In FBI To Stop Native Americans From Protesting Dakota Access Pipeline

Sacred Stone, North Dakota — While Keystone XL, perhaps one of the most newsworthy oil pipelines in recent memory, lies dead at Obama’s feet, the government has silently approved its replacement.

Although not specifically an inheritor for Keystone, the Dakota Access Pipeline Project (DAPL) measures only seven miles shorter and seeks to achieve the same ends as Keystone: moving domestically mined crude oil overland to be refined for export and consumption.

Like Keystone, DAPL has also become a focus of environmental protestors and activists, specifically among Native Americans who, understandable and legally, see the government approval as having come at their expense, and with complete indifference to territorial and treaty rights.

Planned for construction to begin this year, DAPL has received approval across all levels of government oversight and Dakota Access, LLP is keen to begin. Problematically for the project, government approval is providing the means for several Native American Nations to pull together in an effort to see DAPL go the way of Keystone, executive order or not.

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Man Gets Prison Sentence For Collecting Rainwater On His Property

Collecting rainwater on your own property in the U.S. can now lead to jail time, as has been proven by a man from Oregon who was sentenced to prison for doing just that.  Who owns the rain? The US government, apparently.

Not so long ago, it was common practice across much of the world to collect rainwater into man made wells on your property to use for farming, irrigation and having fresh clean water.  It was just as common as canning your own food, having knowledge of at least some basic survival skills, and being self-sufficient.

It wasn’t even that many generations ago that all of this was common practice – people born before WWII were pretty adept at these skills, as they were a necessity to survival.  One of the main (and easiest) ways to ensure survival was to collecting rainwater on your own property.  The practical uses for storing and collecting rainwater are numerous and many people across the world in rural areas still do it today for all of the reasons listed above.  However, over the past few years, laws making the collection of rainwater illegal have been causing an uproar across the US.

Now, a man from Grey Point, Oregon has been sentenced to thirty days in prison for storing collected rainwater on his very own property – and the public is outraged.

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Loners Are The Most Loyal And Intellectual People You Will Ever Meet. Here’s Why…

Loners are the most loyal and intellectual people you will ever meet. Do you have any idea why?

I remember the first time I realized that I might be kind of a loner. When friends would invite me to hang out, usually I would tag along regardless of what was going on.

But then I started growing up and getting older, and solitude started to actually mean something to me. I grew more and more comfortable simply being by myself, alone with my own company.

Loners get a bad wrap sometimes, simply because they’re not super extroverted or concerned with having an active social life. But that doesn’t mean anything is wrong with them or that they need someone to help them socialize.

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Dandelion Root: Builds Up Blood And Immune System And Has Cured Prostate, Lung, And Other Cancers – The Healthiest Alternative

Dandelion is a flowering plant that is widespread distributed in every part of the world.

The plant is considered to be a weed but has many healing properties. The root and the leaves are both used medicinally. The root of dandelion is rich in minerals such as magnesium, potassium, calcium, iron, silica, sulfur and chlorophyll. Also, contains inulin and mucilage, which improves the function of the digestive system, absorb toxins from the food, cleanse the liver, etc. The leaves are also rich in minerals and vitamins such as C, A, K, B1, B6 and E.

These facts for the plant are well known for years. But recent studies have shown new exciting facts about dandelion root.

A recent research has demonstrated that dandelion root has killed up to 98 % of the leukemia cells in laboratory tests, after only 48 hours.

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More Natives Killed By Police Than Any Other Group

The Black Lives Matter movement is making an impact here in the U.S., even though I’m not sure what exactly the movement is all about except that they want to reverse racial injustice.

What I do know is that Native Lives Matter as well. Statistically speaking, based on numbers and percentages, more Natives are killed by the police than any other group of people in this country. That’s a fact.

The national media never mentions that more Natives are killed by police, per capita, than any other racial or ethnic group. The media’s excuse about their lack of attention is that American Indians and Alaska Natives make up only about two percent of the U.S. population, so therefore reporting about our people who have been killed by the cops doesn’t matter. Well, guess what? Native lives do matter.

What I want to think about is how we, as Native Americans, should attempt to capitalize on the attention being paid to how minorities in this country are unfairly treated on far too many occasions by law enforcement. It is time our tribal leaders start to give a voice to the unfair treatment and sentencing our tribal people have to suffer through, especially here in the cities of America and border towns.

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Artist Turns Old Farm Equipment Into Incredible Animal Sculptures You’ll Ever See

When you’ve got a bunch of beat down and broken farm equipment you generally have to either figure out a way to fix it or move on and buy something newer, but that’s not what South Dakota artist John Lopez decided to do.

I collect the iron from local ranchers and farmers I knew as a kid,” John said. “My family and friends are more than happy to help out… I get my ideas from my life, the ranch, our history here, the animals around our area.
Here are some of his amazing works:
Cowboy in action



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State pulls relief resources from swelling Dakota Access Pipeline protest camp

CANNON BALL – North Dakota’s homeland security director ordered the removal of state-owned trailers and water tanks from the Dakota Access Pipeline protest campsite Monday, citing mounting reports of unlawful activity — the latest involving lasers — and the risk of damage.

“Based on the scenario down there, we don’t believe that equipment is secure,” Homeland Security Division Director Greg Wilz said.

As tribal members from across the nation streamed into the campsite, swelling its population to between 500 to 4,000 people depending on estimates, the loss of their main drinking water supply came as a blow and sent local officials scrambling to find an alternative water source.

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Gov Orders Police To Cut Water Supply To Native Americans As Pipeline Protesters Skyrocket In Number

Thousands join protest camp as supporters are holding a rally in Washington D.C. on Wednesday outside of Army Corps hearing.

Growing in number and spirit, the Standing Rock Sioux protest against the Dakota Access Pipeline is swiftly gaining strength ahead of a federal hearing on the controversial project. Support has spread across the country, and thousands have descended on the peaceful “prayer camps” in recent days, prompting state officials on Monday to remove the demonstrators’ drinking water supply.

North Dakota homeland security director Greg Wilz ordered the removal of state-owned trailers and water tanks from the protest encampment, despite the sweltering heat, because of alleged disorderly conduct, according to theBismarck Tribune, including reports of laser pointers aimed at surveillance aircraft.

“People are getting overheated now already,” said Johnelle Leingang, the tribe’s emergency response coordinator, as temperatures hovered around 90º F on Monday. “It’s very hurtful.”

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She Slept with a Snake and Then the Vet Told Her Something Shocking…

One woman from India had a very unusual pet. Her pet was a snake, python that was 4 meters long.

The snake one day simply stopped eating. After few weeks of trying to feed it, offering it all that a snake may wish to strangle and eat, desperate woman took it to the vet.

Although it sounds strange, the vet asked her, “Does your snake sleeps with you at night, wraps around you or very close and spread out throughout its length?”

The woman was surprised and replied: “Yes! Yes! It does it every day and it makes me so sad because I see something asking of me, and I cannot help it feel better. ”


The vet replied: “Madam, your python is not sick, it is preparing to eat you.”

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Garlic Kills 14 Kinds Of Cancer And 13 Types Of Infection. Why Don’t Doctors Prescribe It?

We all know that garlic is an extremely effective and healthy vegetable, which can provide many health benefits. In the list bellow, we are going to show you only a small part of the diseases which garlic can kill and prevent. This is all cause of garlic’s powerful anti-fungal and anti-cancer properties:
  • Cytomegalovirus Infections
  • Helicobacter Pylori infection
  • Candida (Yeast) infection
  • Thrush
  • Mycotoxin-associated aflatoxicosis
  • Methicillin- Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA)
  • Viral Infections (Herpes Simplex 1 and 2, Parainfluenza virus type 3, vaccinia virus, vesicular stomatitis virus and human rhinovirus type 2)
  • Group B Streptococcus Infection
  • Klebsiella infection
  • HIV-1 infection
  • Vibrio infection
  • Pseudomonas Aerigonosima
  • Mycobacterium Tuberculosis,
  • Clostridium infection

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